Green…But Not With Envy

written by arshiell on August 19, 2012 in Uncategorized with no comments

Every since my incredibly, wonderful emerald inspired manicure this week I’ve had nothing but green on the brain. The tranquil color inspired my strawberry, banana + avocado smoothie for breakfast + my poblano soup for lunch. Obsessive, much? Maybe, but I’m not the only one with green on the brain. This week, creative genius CeeLo Green + his sister co-founded the GreenHouse Foundation. The GreenHouse Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help make “green education” easier + accessible to students in underserved school districts. The sibling duo dedicated the greenhouse to their late mom.

The GreenHouse Foundation plans to educate, inspire + influence children to become responsible stewards of their environment, communities + future. I’m not surprised at the tenets of this organization because it’s akin to how CeeLo approaches his music. The GreenHouse Foundation functions as an extension of CeeLo and Shedonna’s generation of philanthropy. DidYouKnow their mom + grandmother both started nonprofits to address the needs of underserved areas in Atlanta.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution cofounder, Shedonna Alexander leaves these remarks “We are committed to the mission to empower children with the knowledge, attitude and desire to positively influence their futures, their communities and the long-term sustainability of their planet.” Like the song says, the children are our future + it’s important to empower them to be great leaders who take care of our earth. Captain Planet would be proud!